The Tsukishima Holdings Group’s strengths in research & development

The Tsukishima Holdings Group’s R&D efforts include activities ranging from laboratory experiments to pilot experiment using equipment to collect the data needed for selection of equipment and processes and structures for analysis and assessments. Customers can attend experiments from the testing stage, after which we perform rapid assessment of the data collected and then incorporate the findings into equipment specifications.
Illustrated below is the flow from development to commercialization. Studies focus not just on such specific devices as filters, dryers, but on entire systems. In areas related to lithium ion secondary batteries, for example, we can perform integrated verification and make proposals on comprehensive engineering and equipment used in processes ranging from crystallization to filtration and drying.

Flow from development to practical applications

  • Basic study

    Laboratory experiment

    Based on customer requests, we collect basic data through laboratory experiment. The R&D Center operates laboratories tailored to specific core technologies, including filtration, crystallization, and drying, each with its own specialized testing equipment. At this stage, we assess basic performance, invite customers to make their own assessments, and ascertain the applicability.

  • Scale up

    Pilot experiment

    Based on data obtained from laboratory testing, we collect upscaling data using pilot experiment equipment, such as various dryers and filtration equipment installed permanently inside the laboratory building for indoor experiment area and other facilities. With customers present in some cases, we confirm results and advance experimentation results.

  • Evaluation

    Analysis, evaluation, recommendation

    The obtained samples are quickly analyzed in an analysis room and evaluated with operational data. We propose optimal facility designs and solutions by using structural analysis, simulations, and other analytical tools.

  • Delivery/operation

R&D Center Tour

This section provides a guide to the R&D Center, where the latest technologies are developed.