Dividend Information

Dividend Information

Basic Dividend Policy

Tsukishima Kikai strives to strengthen its financial constitution and management foundations. Its basic dividend policy is to maintain stable dividends while giving due consideration to matters such as trends in business results for each fiscal year, new investment, and the consolidated payout ratio.
Internal reserves are applied to various purposes based on a long-term perspective, including investment in new and continuing businesses, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and research and development on new technologies. These are part of Company efforts to strengthen its corporate foundations.

Transition of dividends

Dividends per share (¥)

Note: The dividend amount in the fiscal year ended March 2016 includes ¥5 in commemorative dividends marking the 110th anniversary of the Company’s founding.

As of 10 29, 2020
  Dividends per share
Interim Year-end Full-year
The 159th period
(ended March 2021)
12円 12円
The 158th period
(ended March 2020)
11円 13円 24円
The 157th period
(ended March 2019)
8円 14円 22円
The 156th period
(ended March 2018)
8円 9円 17円
The 155th period
(ended March 2017)
8円 9円 17円
The 154th period
(ended March 2016)
(Includes ¥5 in
commemorative dividends)
9円 22円
The 153th period
(ended March 2015)
8円 9円 17円
The 152th period
(ended March 2014)
7円 10円 17円
The 151th period
(ended March 2013)
7円 8円 15円
The 150th period
(ended March 2012)
7円 8円 15円
The 149th period
(ended March 2011)
7円 8円 15円
The 148th period
(ended March 2010)
7円 8円 15円

Treasury Stock

Stock Repurchase

Repurchase period Number of shares (Shares) Total amount (billion yen)
May 14, 2019 〜 May 13, 2020 700,000 844
May 28, 2009 1,000,000 512

Excludes acquisitions under Article 155 (vii) of the Companies Act (purchase of shares in less than one unit).