Muroran Factory

The Muroran Factory, located on the site of The Japan Steel Works Muroran Plant, produces and ships a wide range of products manufactured daily by skilled workers in shops equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment.
The Muroran Factory produces plant machinery and equipment used across a wide range of industries,
from chemicals to pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, energy, water purification and sewage, and waste treatment.The Factory is divided into two lines: Line No. 1, which handles plate working and the assembly of large products; and Line No. 2, which handles cutting, bending, and other machining involving plate-working and processing machinery, as well as the assembly of small and mid-sized products. These production lines are ideally suited to flexibly handling our diverse and extensive product lines. The Japan Steel Works wharf facilitates shipments of large-sized products by sea.

Factory overview

Site 35-2,Chatsucho, Muroran-city, Hokkaido
Site area 15,248m2
No.1 Line 35m×182m
(plate working and assembly of large-sized products)
No.2 Line 29m×242m
(plate working, machining and assembly of medium-sized and small products)
Acid Cleaning treatment Shop 13m×18m
(with wastewater treatment plant)
Stockyard 12m×40m
Material Stockyard 50m×60m

Production Capacity

Processing capacity

Maximum product diameter 10m , except for equipment assembled on-site
Maximum product length 60m
Plate thickness which can be formed 100m (for carbon steel or stainless steel)

Lifting capacity

No.1 Line 500 tons
No.2 Line 200 tons
Materials which can be processed (achievements)
Carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, titanium, hastelloy, aluminum, etc.
Manufacturing capacity for pressure vessels (in the process of applying for certifications)
  • Many manufacturing and export achievements to ASME Code
  • Many manufacturing and export achievements of pressure vessels for Chinese market with China Special Equipment License.
  • Many manufacturing achievements of Class 1 pressure vessels and high-pressure gas equipments construction code, etc.

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