with the latest
in technologies
and equipment

The Muroran Factory, located on the site of The Japan Steel Works M&E, Inc., produces and
ships a wide range of products manufactured daily by skilled workers in shops equipped with
state-of-the-art technologies and equipment.
The Muroran Factory produces plant machinery and equipment used across a wide range of
industries, from chemicals to pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, energy, water purification and
sewage treatment, and waste treatment.The Factory is divided into two lines: Line No. 1,
which handles plate working and the assembly of large products; and Line No. 2, which
handles cutting, bending, and other machining involving plate-working and processing
machinery, as well as the assembly of small and mid-sized products. These production lines
are ideally suited to flexibly handle our diverse and extensive product lines.
The wharf facilities at The Japan Steel Works M&E, Inc. facilitates shipments of large-sized
products by sea.

A video guide to the Muroran Factory