To Investors

We are grateful for the continuing support of our shareholders and investors.

For more than a century since our founding in 1905, building on technologies inherited from our predecessors, Tsukishima Kikai has provided products and services for social and industrial infrastructures, including water and sewer facilities that deliver safe, comfortable water environments and systems and plant facilities that produce materials that contribute to our lives and make them more comfortable. In April 2023, we opened a new chapter as Tsukishima Holdings, with the goal of achieving sustained growth while continuing to strengthen our corporate value.

A look at the recent business environment shows continuing uncertainty, as exemplified by energy supply disruptions and skyrocketing raw material costs since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; fluctuating exchange rates; and rising tensions between the United States and China. Approaching these challenging circumstances as an opportunity for reform, we plan to move steadily forward under our new organizational structure.

We are grateful for your continuing understanding and support.

President , Representative Director
Tsukishima Holdings Co., Ltd.
Jun Kawasaki