Message from President

Promoting sustainability and contributing to a sustainable society through businesses that create solutions to social challenges

Based on our corporate purpose—Building a Better Tomorrow with Environmental Technologies—the Tsukishima Holdings Group has continued to provide products and services for social and industrial infrastructures, including water and sewer facilities that deliver safe, comfortable water environments and systems and plant facilities that produce materials that contribute to our lives and make them more comfortable.

In recent years, as a Group, we have come to recognize the importance of addressing society’s challenges in areas such as climate change, sustainability, and diversity. Through our business activities, we are committed to finding solutions in these areas. Our mission and reason for existence is to identify the world’s needs and to continue producing and providing products and services that offer value and meet the needs of our customers. On that basis, we plan to contribute to a sustainable society from a management perspective based on sustainability. We will take on business activities whose purpose is to realize a society of true well-being, in which all stakeholders and people around the world can live more prosperous and fulfilling lives.

We are grateful for your continuing support.

Tsukishima Holdings Co., Ltd.
President (Representative Director)

Jun Kawasaki