Environment Policy

Tsukishima Holdings Co., Ltd., engaged in business activities covering everything from designing to construction of chemical plants and environmental equipment, aims at becoming a “leading company in creating a new type of recycling-oriented society” through establishing, based on our corporate philosophy, the following Environment Policy which controls company-wide environmental activities, so that we can recognize and evaluate influences on the global environment, and see to it that the next generation can enjoy a better global environment.

When conducting business, Tsukishima Holdings is to comply with the following:


At all stages from designing to procurement/production, construction, commissioning, operation after delivery, and disposal of equipment, we will fully recognize/evaluate the influence our products/equipment and activities may bring to the environment, and try, to the extent that it is economically and technically possible, to continuously improve its environment management system and prevent pollution.


Tsukishima Holdings will establish environmental objectives and targets, and promote an environment management system for achieving such objectives and targets.
Based on the implementation results, it will review the environmental objectives and targets.
As for the environmental objectives and targets, priority is to be given to the following matters:

  1. Promotion of resource saving and energy saving related to products/equipment, and examination/recommendation of contamination prevention;

  2. Technological development/sales of environmentally-friendly equipment;

  3. Reduction of wastes, promotion of recycling, and prevention of contamination at construction sites; and

  4. Energy saving and reduction of wastes at offices.


Tsukishima Holdings will comply with applicable environment-related laws and regulations as well as other requirements that it has agreed upon.


Tsukishima Holdings will provide all employees with education/training opportunities on the environment management system, in an effort to keep everyone informed about it and carry it out.

In order to promote the above-described Environment Policy, Tsukishima Holdings appoints the Officer in Charge of Quality Assurance to be the Environment Management System Control Manager, delegating control responsibility and authority to him/her regardless of any other responsibility. This Environment Policy is to be made available to the general public by request.

Jun Kawasaki
President, Representative Director
Tsukishima Holdings Co., Ltd.

ISO 14001 Certification

  1. Applicable standard/certification
    IISO 14001:2015/JAB, UKAS

  2. Applicable sites
    Tsukishima Holdings Co., Ltd.
    Tsukishima JFE Aqua Solution Co., Ltd.
    Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd.
    Tsukishima Business Support Co., Ltd.
    Percentage of sites covered 47%
    (Calculated from the percentage of consolidated net sales)

  3. Certification body
    Bureau Veritas Japan Co., Ltd.

  4. Date of expiry
    September 30, 2026