Water Environmental Business

This section provides Business & Technology information of Water Environmental Business.

Water purification plant / equipment

Water treatment facilities

  • Submerged clarifier (COMPACT BULL)
  • UV Disinfection systems (SENTINEL®)
  • Dry super-powdered activated carbon

Drainage treatment facilities

  • Pressure dewatering equipment (Filter press)

Sewage treatment plant / equipment

Water treatment facilities

  • Floating sludge collector (Non-metallic)
  • Membrane plate diffuser (Super fine bubble)
  • Auto sand filter (Continuous filter)

Sludge treatment facilities

  • Belt thickener
  • Sludge digestion system (Sludge digestion tank, Gas-holder, CHP gas engine)
  • Sludge dewatering equipment
  • Sludge-to-fuel system

Life cycle business (PFI / DBO business)

We bring together our core general engineering and equipment manufacturing technologies, our maintenance technologies, and our abundant accomplishments and know-how. And using it, we propose business models that minimize the life-cycle cost for water and sewage treatment business and help minimize the load on the global environment.

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