Factory Overview and Production Capacity

Factory Overview

35-2, Chatsu-cho, Muroran City, Hokkaido
Site area
No. 1 Line
35 m × 182 m (plate working, assembly, and operation tests for large products)
No. 2 Line
30 m × 264 m (plate working, machining, and assembly of medium-sized and small products)
Acid cleaning
treatment shop
13 m × 18 m (with wastewater treatment plant)
Material stockyard

Production Capacity

Processing capacity

Maximum product diameter
10 m (except for equipment assembled on site)
Maximum product length
Plate thickness
which can be formed
100 mm (for carbon steel or stainless steel)

Lifting capacity

No. 1 Line
4 ceiling cranes; max. 500 tons
No. 2 Line
3 gantry cranes; max. 200 tons

Processable materials

Processable materials
Carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, titanium, aluminum, hastelloy, inconel, incoloy, invar, permalloy, niobium, tantalum, various alloys, clad steel, etc.

Pressure vessel manufacturing capacity

Pressure vessel manufacturing capacity
* Certification procedures currently underway
ASME U Stamp*, China Special Equipment License, various domestic standards
(Class 1/2 pressure vessels, special high-pressure gas equipment, Electricity Business Act, Gas Business Act, Fire Service Act, etc.)