Sustainable procurement

The Group strives to help establish a comfortable, sustainable society based on our Purpose: Building a Better Tomorrow with Environmental Technologies. We promote procurement activities to achieve mutual progress in partnership with our customers and suppliers to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities (CSR).

Procurement Policy


We will engage in free and fair competition, ensuring equitable transactions; we will manage important information and trade secrets responsibly.


We will comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region and with social norms and other standards, refraining from provision or receipt of improper gains, transactions with antisocial forces or groups, and other actions counter to business ethics.


We will promote procurement activities in harmony with the environment, with consideration for conserving resources, protecting the environment, and lessening environmental impact.


We will respect fundamental human rights, improve working conditions, promote appropriate occupational health and safety, and eliminate improper labor practices.


We will build partnerships based on mutual understanding and trust and strive to achieve mutual progress with domestic and international customers and suppliers.