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This site provides information about the financial status and management activities of Tsukishima Kikai and its affiliates (collectively known as the Tsukishima Kikai Group) for the benefit of shareholders and investors. Such information does not represent a representation or inducement to buy or sell shares in the Company. No assertion or warranty is given in regards to the information provided on this site.
The decision to invest in shares should be undertaken by each individual investor on the basis of the financial materials issued by the Tsukishima Kikai Group and other information as appropriate.
Predictions and forecasts for the Tsukishima Kikai Group presented on this site are based on judgements and assumptions made by the Company on the basis of information available at the current point in time. Actual outcomes may differ from the predictions and forecasts, due to uncertainties inherent in the underlying judgements and assumptions, as well as unforeseen developments at the management level and in the domestic and international business environments. Accordingly, the Tsukishima Kikai Group provides no warranties with regards to the predictions and forecasts on this site.
Every possible care is taken with respect to the information presented on this site. However the Tsukishima Kikai Group accepts no liability whatsoever, irrespective of circumstances, for any errors or omissions in information or any other faults or defects associated with data tampering by an unauthorized third party or difficulties with downloading.

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