About dividends

Basic dividend policy

Tsukishima Kikai's basic policy is to maintain stable dividends while giving due consideration to trend in results and new investment and consolidated profit return ratio in its business.
And about internal reserves are used for investment of new projects and reserch and development, so Tsukishima Kikai executes to strengthen corporate foundation.

Determination of dividends

The regular shareholders’ meeting on June 28, 2007 adopted several modifications to the articles of incorporation. Under the modified Articles of incorporation, the Board Meeting has the authority to make decision for dividends in accordance with the provision of Article 459, Part 1 of the Corporation Law, and also to provide dividend at the end of period in addition to intermediate payment.

Dividends in current period

The dividends for Tsukishima Kikai shares in the 157th period (ending March 2019) was ¥14 per ordinary share, while the intermediate dividend was ¥8 per share. Thus, total dividend payments for the current fiscal year ware ¥22 per share.
This is equivalent to a profit return ratio of 19.6% relative to net consolidated income in the current period.

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