Carrier Feed Type Reaction Tank Facilities

Waste water treatment facility

Bio-Tube System


There is a growing need for advanced treatment of sewage as a countermeasure against eutrophication of closed water areas and water pollution of public water areas. To meet these needs, we have developed the “Bio-Tube” system, a technology that uses microorganism-immobilizing carriers. This system can immobilize microorganisms at high concentrations, enabling high-efficiency, low-cost, and space-saving advanced treatment.

Project References

Miyakonojo Wastewater Treatment Center, Miyakonojo City

This center uses equipment consisting of a carrier feeding type aeration tank and an upflow filter basin and is capable of removing both BOD and SS at a very high rate. Its retention time is reduced to almost half of what the conventional activated sludge process requires.

Iriezaki Wastewater Treatment Center (new west area), Kawasaki City

The system operating in the Iriezaki Wastewater Treatment Center is designed to remove BOD, nitrogen, and phosphorous by feeding a “Bio-Tube” into an aerobic tank for an anaerobic-anoxic-aerobic process. Using the “Bio-Tube” makes it possible to remove nitrogen and phosphorous in a retention time of only 9.5 hours, and considerably reduce the treatment time and required space

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