Raw Sugar Manufacturing Plant

Foodstuffs field


Since establishment, Tsukishima Kikai has been doing business with manufacturers of refined sugar and raw sugar (the raw material of refined sugar). We have delivered a large number of raw sugar manufacturing systems to raw sugar manufacturers.
We can provide complete sets of the equipment necessary for the raw sugar manufacturing process, including sugarcane-receiving equipment, compressors, boilers, cleaning machines, filters, condensers, brewing machines, centrifugal separators, drying and storage tanks, and shipping-can washing machines.


Raw Sugar Manufacturing Plant

Raw Sugar Manufacturing Plant

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Tsukishima Kikai provides crystallization tanks optimized to obtain high-quality sugar crystals.

Centrifugal separation

Tsukishima Kikai provides centrifuges that can be fully automated without degenerating sugar crystals.


Tsukishima Kikai provides high-efficiency evaporation systems to meet customer requirements.


Tsukishima Kikai provides compression mills that offer high reliability and outstanding ease of maintenance.