Calandria type crystallizer


Structure and Principle

This batch-type crystallization tank is used mainly for the sugar crystallization process.
After the refined sugar solution is fed in, the heating tube installed in the crystallization tank is heated via steam. The heating section is referred to as the “calandria.” The sugar solution undergoes evaporation and condensation while being circulated in the heating tube and the downtake pipe via a heat-based thermo-circulation & mixing machine. The tank produces fine sugar crystals as the sugar solution is condensed to reach a certain concentration. With this crystallization tank, you can obtain the desired size of sugar crystal by further continuing evaporation & condensation and by adding the sugar solution.


Efficient sugar crystallization
A specially designed marine-type agitation blade is installed in the downtake pipe in the center of the calandria. It is possible to achieve efficient sugar crystallization by planning and designing the upstream flow rate of sugar solution within the heating tube, the number of heating tubes, agitator specifications, and other properties in accordance with operating conditions (sugar solution, utility, installation site, product).

Improved production efficiency and energy saving
By installing a fully automated sugar crystallizer and by running sugar crystallization under conditions appropriate to the target product, you can shorten the sugar crystallization cycle time, as well as achieve production efficiency improvement, energy saving, and improved product quality.


Calandria type crystallizer


Refined sugar, raw sugar, Beet sugar, Grape sugar

Related field & technology

Foodstuffs field

A calandria-type crystallization tank is widely used in the crystallization process to manufacture commercial sugar.

Foodstuffs field

The calandria-type crystallization tank is intended to manufacture raw sugar, which is the raw material of refined sugar. This type of crystallization tank is employed in the crystallization process.