Escher Wyss Push Type Centrifuge

Centrifugal separation

Structure and Principle

Escher Wyss push type centrifuge is continuous centrifugal dehydration equipment.
Slurry is fed and distributed in high speed rotating basket and cake layer is formed on screen surface.
Rotating basket is two stage construction and fist stage basket is moving forward and backward with high speed rotation. Product cake layer is centrifugated by high G- force and transported to discharge side by pushing action of first stage basket.
Centrifugal dehydration and cake washing is performed during cake transportation on first and second stage basket.


【Wide range of application】
Application reference for more than 300 different products.

【High dehydration performance】
Lower discharged cake moisture saved energy cost of next process

【High Solid Throughput】
Higher solid throughput is covered with minimum space requirement.

【High cake washing performance】
Due to a uniform cake formation on screen, high product purity can be achieved.

【Gas tight construction】
Gas tight construction is available for toxic material or material that includes organic solvents

【Can be connected directly to a Clean Flash Dryer】
The dryer can also be connected directly to a Clean Flash Dryer to allow direct supply of dehydrated cake.
Eliminating the conveyor unit and harnessing the discharge speed from the centrifuge can improve drying performance.


Escher Wyss Push Type Centrifuge



【Inorganic chemicals】
Ammonium sulfate / Ammonium chloride / Sodium sulfate / Sodium cyanide / Sodium carbonate / etc

【Organic chemicals】
BPA / p-Xylene / Adipic acid / Cellulose / Urea etc.

ABS resin/ MBS resin / PVA / PC / PE / Aramid polymer etc.

Related field & technology

Chemicals field

The Escher Wyss push type centrifuge is employed widely in our chemical manufacturing equipment for non-organic/organic, crystal/synthetic resins and other chemical products.

Chemicals field

The BPA manufacturing equipment employs unit operations, in addition to the Escher Wyss push type centrifuge.

Chemicals fieldIron and steel field

The Escher Wyss push type centrifuge has been used in a large number of units for our Sulfate Crystal Manufacturing Plant.


Introduction of the crystallization operation, which is a process that precedes the centrifuge separator