Inclined Disc Dryer


Structure and Principle

The dryer is indirect heating type composed of the casing with jacket and shaft with disc which contain steam or other heating media. Hollow inclined discs are adopted for obtaining high heat transfer coefficient and raising oscillation effect. As the discs rotate, the dryer has self-cleaning effect to scrape adhered material on shafts, discs and casing off automatically. In this way, the drying performance is enhanced by the prevention of adhesion of material and the renewal of the heat transfer area.


The heat transfer area by unit volume is large, thus requires a smaller installation space.

Indirect heating type dryer has high thermal efficiency. Lower rotation of the shaft by improved agitation makes the power consumption smaller.

Easy moisture control
Moisture contents can be controlled by the temperature of the heating media and by the retention time by adjusting the weir height of dryer outlet.

Small amount of exhaust gas
The indirect heating type generates only small amounts of exhaust gas, compact exhaust gas treatment system and deodorization system is applied. In addition, the dryer can perform vacuum drying at low temperatures.


Inclined Disc Dryer


Inclined Disc Dryer

Disc movement


Sticky material such as sewage-sludge, Starch, Aluminum hydroxide, Magnesium hydroxide, ABS-resin, Polycarbonate, Polyacetal

Related field & technology


This type of dryer can be used in two-stage drying, in combination with an inclined disc dryer.