Food manufacturing plant

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Tsukishima Kikai was the first company in Japan to manufacture a sugar-specific centrifuge. We have long been engaged in the construction of sugar manufacturing plants. Currently, taking advantage of our technology and expertise, we build manufacturing facilities for various food types.

◎Tsukishima Kikai’s food manufacturing equipment
Based on our extensive know-how of the general manufacturing processes, we design facilities furnished with the reaction refining, separation, drying, shipping, and other processes for the manufacture of sugar and other foods and food additives.

  • Sugar and isomerized sugar manufacturing equipment
  • Glucose and sugar alcohol manufacturing equipment
  • Oil and fat refining facility
  • Marine product manufacturing equipment
  • Dough manufacturing equipment
  • Starch manufacturing equipment
  • Margarine manufacturing equipment


Food/Foodstuff Manufacturing Plant

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We integrate elements of GMP and HACCP into our FA technology so as to meet the needs of food manufacturers.

Centrifugal separation

Tsukishima Kikai provides centrifuges that can be fully automated without degenerating sugar crystals.