Battery Manufacturing Plant

Energy field


Battery cells are manufactured from the main raw materials of cathode/anode active materials, electrolyte solutions, and separators. Tsukishima Kikai offers a lineup of apparatuses for use in the receiving and weighting processes for cathode/anode active materials.
We have special strengths in the manufacture of weighting apparatuses free from contact with external air.





Related field & technology


Tsukishima Kikai provides optimal powder handling systems into our FA technology so as to meet the needs od customer


Equipment can be structured using TSK Container® developed by Tsukishima Kikai.


By employing a thin-film spin system, this technology enables a sharp particle size distribution and atomization of nano-sized particles. We offer products ranging from desktop models for research use to large-scale equipment.


Our continuous electrode slurry production system uses Filmix to deliver improvements in electrode slurry quality and cost benefits.
* CDM: Continuous Dispersion Mixing