Pressurized fluidized bed incineration system

  • Sludge treatment facility

Structure and Principle

This pressurized fluidized bed incineration system combines a turbocharger (supercharger) with a fluidized bed incinerator. In this system, dewatered sludge is incinerated under a pressure of 150 kPa・G. Flue gas generated by the combustion is under pressure, so it flows towards the stack which is at low pressure, and it is introduced into a turbocharger through an air preheater and a dust collector.
The system does not need a forced draft blower and an induced draft fan which consume much electric power. So 40-60% of electric power and CO2 are reduced, and the system is self-driven without air supply and exhaust power if sludge is continuously supplied as fuel.

Academic awards (history)

  1. 17th Symposium on Fluidization & Particle Processing Award (Technical Division) (Nov. 2011)
  2. The Society of Chemical Engineers, Fluid and Particle Processing Division Technology Award (Jan. 2012)
  3. METI’* Award at the 41st Excellent Environmental Equipment Award hosted by the Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers(JSIM) (Jul.2015)
    • METI:Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  4. MLIT’s* Award at the 17th R&D Award by the Japan Institute of Country-ology and Engineering(Jul.2015)
    • MLIT:Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism


  1. Simple and compact structure
  2. Reduced electric power consumption (40-60% reduction)
  3. N2O emissions are reduced by high temperature and pressurized combustion

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Sludge treatment facility

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