Fluidized bed incineration system

  • Sludge treatment facility

Structure and Principle

Fluidized bed incineration (FBI) system is applied in the sewage sludge treatment facilities. Tsukishima Kikai has abundant experience, know-how and combustion technologies as a leading company in sludge treatment incineration plant. The sludge feeder continuously feeds dewatered/dried sludge to the fluidized bed zone. The temperature of free board zone is controlled at 850°C.
Under such condition, stable and complete combustion in a short time occurs as the supplied sludge diffusing evenly throughout the zone contacts the combustion air supplied from the diffusion pipe.


  1. Complete combustion in fluidized bed zone
  2. Degradation of odorous component from sludge
  3. N2O emissions are reduced by high temperature combustion

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Sludge treatment facility

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