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Tsukishima Kikai designs and offers optimal process systems by using the steady state process simulator "PRO/II®" in material/heat balance calculation and sizing for the distillation tower. Even where a system including electrolyte,the use of the OLI Engine enables these calculation. Also, the HTRI Xchanger Suite® can be used for optimal design of heat exchangers, such as reboilers and condensers in a distillation tower. For unsteady operations, DYNSIM™ is used to check the behavior of start-up, shut-down, and other unsteady operations, such as batch distillation.


In the process design of PDCB manufacturing plant and other plant, Tsukishima Kikai uses simulation software. By using of these software, we can design and propose optimal processes for client’s demands.
This software is used to calculate material/heat balances for the overall process, and we can conduct the sizing of equipment such as distillation system and check behavior caused by various fluctuations.
【HTRI Xchanger Suite®
This software is used to design shell & tube type heat exchanger, including designs for thermo-siphon reboiler, forced circulation reboiler, and vacuum condenser.
This software is used for estimation of the time sequence required for the system to stabilize the system after startup, estimation of the range of in-system fluctuations under changing conditions, and checking the behavior of the system until it stabilizes.

Fig.1 「PRO/II®」Simulation example
Fig.1 「PRO/II®」Simulation example
Fig.2 「DYNSIM™」Simulation example
Fig.2 「DYNSIM™」Simulation example


PDCB manufacturing plant, Organic acid manufacturing plant, Flue gas Desulfurization plant, Chemicals manufacturing plant, Resin raw material manufacturing plant etc.

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