Powder handling system

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Structure and Principle

This computer-controlled powder measurement system can measure a wide variety of powder at high speeds with high precision. Tsukishima's system has measured more than 100 types of powder. We offer systems compatible with a diversity of powder properties.
In addition, we provide systems not only for the automated measuring process but also for other processes preceding or succeeding the measuring process-storing, transport, and mixing, etc.


We offer various types of powder handling systems, including a container handling system.
This container handling system enables a container to perform the fully automated operation of the storage tank, transport, measurement, and mixing processes. The container undergoes automated washing in an automated washing apparatus. The same container can be used for different types of powder after it undergoes automated washing.
The use of the container enables the prevention of scattering, static transport, the prevention of the mixture of foreign matter, and traceability.

Application of  container handling system
Application of container handling system


Food additive manufacturing equipment, powder metallurgy manufacturing equipment, resin compound manufacturing equipment

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