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Paradichlorobenzene (PDCB) is used as a raw material in insecticides and raw material of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) resin, an engineering plastic. Global demand for this substance is expected to continuous grow in the future.
This PDCB manufacturing process is integrated the reaction and distillation processes provided by Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd. with Tsukishima Kikai's CCCC process, which contains highly efficient crystallization and purification processes. This process is capable of manufacturing high-purity PDCB products with high yield.
This plant consists of three processes: (a) the reaction process where benzene is chlorinated in the presence of a catalyst, (b) the distillation process where generated PDCB is concentrated, and (c) the purification process where impurities are removed to make high-purity PDCB. Integrating these processes, this process can continuously manufacture 99.99%-PDCB.
Tsukishima Kikai has three experience of overall (reaction, distillation, purification) PDCB plant and another fine experiences of PDCB purification process.

PDCB purification process in USA.

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