Vortex flow crystallizer

  • Crystallization / Refining

Structure and Principle

This crystallizer creates a strong vortex field for reaction within the reactor by circulating reaction liquid. By the raw material is fed continuously into this vortex field, this reactor enables uniform reaction crystallization in the reactorcontinuously. Therefore this crystallizer can continuously be obtained fine particles.


Fine crystal, sharp distribution of particle size
This crystallizer can continuously manufacture fine particles (several µm) with a sharp particle size distribution (close to monodispersity).
High productivity as against volume
This crystallizer volume can be reduced required reaction volume down to 1/10 compared with a conventional agitation tank for same production rate, because high reaction efficiency and continuous production system.
The start-up time is short. As this crystallizer is size fixed unit, production capacity can be easy increased by numbering-up, and its simple internal structure enables easy disassembly and cleaning.
Fig.1 Schematic drawing
Fig.2 Vortex flow crystallizer
Fig.3 Example of products
Fig3. Example of products


LiB material, Inorganic material, Cosmetics etc.

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