Ammonium Sulfate Manufacturing Plant

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Tsukishima Kikai has several processes for manufacturing ammonium sulfate according to raw materials. These processes are: (a) the recovered ammonium sulfate method, by which ammonium sulfate is produced from sulfuric acid- or ammonia-containing waste liquid from by-products such as acrylonitrile (AN), methyl methacrylate (MMA), and caprolactam (CPL); (b) the by-product ammonium sulfate method, by which sulfuric acid is brought into contact with coke oven gas (COG) or other ammonia-containing exhaust gas, to obtain ammonium sulfate; and (c) the synthetic ammonium sulfate method, by which sulfuric acid is made to directly react with ammonia gas.
Tsukishima Kikai has know-how for manufacturing large-size ammonium sulfate crystals. Our ammonium sulfate manufacturing plant applies a DP (Double propeller) crystallizer or an Oslo crystallizer and, Escher Wyss push type centrifuge and fluidized bed drier. More than 50 plants have been installed delivered during last 50 years.


Ammonium Sulfate Manufacturing Plant

Flow of ammonium sulfate manufacturing

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Tsukishima Kikai provides suitable crystallization systems that are designed according to each substance properties and various experiments.

Centrifugal separation

Escher Wyss push type centrifuge is used in Ammonium sulfate manufacturing plant and for many applications.


Tsukishima Kikai provides dryer applicable to a wide range of substance properties.

Chemicals field

Tsukishima Kikai has a large number of delivery records of not only process equipment, but also entire facilities, as an EPC project.