Industrial Business

Plant engineering

Chemical field

Our company's engineering technologies and various types of machinery and equipment are utilized in production lines that make chemical products, raw materials for daily-use products, and automobile components, as well as in the processes for treating waste liquids discharged from production lines.

Iron and steel field

Our technologies are active in all essential roles in the iron and steel industry, such as processing metallurgical coal, treating smoke exhaust created through the sintering process, and retaining and recycling organic gases produced in shaft furnaces and other processes.

Food plant

Tsukishima Kikai has been developing solid and liquid separation technologies for white sugar production since its foundation. Such technologies are applied across a wide variety of processes in the food industry.

LiB(Lithium ion secondary battery) field

Our technologies are active in all essential roles in the LiB(Lithium ion secondary battery) production processes.

Environment / Waste-related field

Our technologies are active in all essential roles in the environment protection and waste-related field.

Process equipment



Tsukishima Kikai's distillation technology is used in distillation process for chemical plant.

Crystallization / Refining

Tsukishima Kikai provides optimal crystallization and refining products against various needs.


Tsukishima Kikai contributes to chemical/iron/food and various field to provide many filtration machine.


Tsukishima Kikai's centrifuge technology is used in chemical and food manufacturing process.


Tsukishima Kikai's drying technology is used in chemical/food/environment protection process.


Tsukishima Kikai provides optimal gasholder for organic gas in iron steel field.


Tsukishima Kikai provides various measurement equipment and factory automation process.

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