Quality Policy

In order to provide products that satisfy customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements, Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd. will perform systematic and efficient business activities based on our corporate philosophy, making efforts to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective operation and continuous improvement of our quality management system as well as through the prevention of nonconformity with the system.

When performing their tasks, all Tsukishima Kikai employees are to comply with the following:

  1. Understand customer needs and try to fulfill customer requirements and surpass customer expectations.
  2. Perform tasks in an effort to attain own goals, and ensure the following of the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle.
  3. Assume active leadership and try to solve problems by putting together the knowledge of people from all over the corporate organization, and thus achieve goals.
  4. Employees at all levels should understand the importance of their own roles and perform their tasks responsibly.

In order to achieve the quality policy, Tsukishima Kikai promotes the following activities:

  1. Fulfill requirements and continuously improve the quality management system.
  2. Set quality objectives and review them accordingly.
  3. Explain the quality policy to all people in the corporate organization, and make them understand it.
  4. Review the quality policy, and maintain it properly.

In order to promote the above-described quality policy, the company appoints the Officer in Charge of Quality Assurance to be the Quality Management System Control Manager, delegating control responsibility and authority to him/her regardless of any other responsibility.

June 29, 2005
Kazuhiko Yamada
President & CEO, Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd.

ISO 9001 Certification

Certificate of Approval authenticating ISO 9001 Approval
Certificate of Approval authenticating ISO 9001 Approval
  1. Applicable standard/certification
    ISO9001: 2015/JAB, UKAS
  2. Applicable site
    Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd.
  3. Certification body
    Bureau Veritas Japan Co., Ltd.
  4. Date of certification
    September 30, 2017

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