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Various models are available, from batch-wise GMP medical machines to continuous large amount treatment machines. We respond to our customers' diverse needs in various industries.

GMP Horizontal Scraping Centrifuge

It is a GMP-correspondence horizontal scraping type centrifuge made by FERRUM, a top manufacturer in its field, having many overseas top pharmaceutical companies as customers. This unique centrifuge is superior in treating high-mix, low-volume medical goods.

Tsukishima - EW Push-Type Centrifuge

This is a continuous type centrifuge with wide application, having experience with more than 300 kinds of treatment materials. This small machine can treat large amounts and obtain effective cake. Sealed spec is also available.

Tsukishima - BIRD Decanter

As it separates solid materials and mother liquids by the difference in specific gravity without using screens or filtering cloths, it can separate different sized materials. And it is applicable for wide range of centrifuge from purifying separation to concentration or grade separation. Complete sealed spec is also available, which for harmful materials. A screen bowl type which combines decanter and screen zones is also available.

Tsukishima - Conical Type Centrifuge

A simple and reasonable design has achieved cost saving with less parts. Due to its conically shaped basket, the slurry speeding diameter is small and cake moving is easy by centrifugal force. Low power consumption leads energy save. It suits for cake washing, too.